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  • Nowhere Left to Run wiki, where you can find information and the secrets behind the most exiting Hogwarts story with Mcfly!

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Nowhere left to run is the story about the adventures of three girls, Millie Granger, Isabella Fletcher and Maddie Lindsay Finnigan, and their friends Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. All of them study at Hogwatrs school of witchcaft and wizardry and they leave in different places of the UK.
Millie, Maddie and Isabella or, as her friends call her, Bella are best friends since the frist time they met at the Hogwarts Express. Maddie and Millie where sorted in Gryffindor while Bella was sorted in Slytherin. This was a big problem for the three of them and it brought lots of problems, fights and haters but they could find the way to be best friends.
Tom, Danny, Harry (Judd) and Dougie, better known as Mcfly, are best friends since the first time they got into Hogwarts. They are all from different houses and ages but still unconditional friends.

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